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Office Space Trends For Commercial Real Estate

Office Space Trends for Commercial Real Estate

Office Space Trends for Commercial Real Estate

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Last week we discussed some of the trends of commercial real estate leading into 2017, now we will discuss trends in the styles of office spaces. However, there are some other trends that any CRE investor should pay attention to. There used to be only a few types of commercial real estate, retail, office, industrial, and multi-family. However, in today’s world there are new types of workplaces that have started to adapt to new business trends.

Sustainable Workplaces

Society has become increasingly aware of the footprint it leaves on the environment. It is no difference with commercial real estate! Tenants now want an office space that is energy efficient and leaves a minimal footprint on the environment. This also allows for a happier workplace environment with the peace of mind that they are not damaging the environment.

Co-working spaces

There has been a new trend among properties, where collaboration has been involved in the workplace environment. If you visit any major metropolitan city, you will find these co-working spaces spread throughout. With a membership, a business can be a part of a growing community who will help entering businesses spark creativity and innovation.

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A ton of research has been made on how to make workplaces and their coworkers as efficient as possible. But what creates a great workspace? Some items include: comfort and image, socializing, and general activities. This helps office spaces with a more proper design to benefit the employees.

Central and Strategic Locations

With the growing popularity of online retail stores, a centralized location for receiving and shipping goods is paramount. The logistics of these companies rely heavily upon their location in order to provide quality services to their customers.

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