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Considering a Move? Start Early!

If you’re considering a move when your lease expires, chances are you need to start a lot earlier than you think to be in the best negotiating position possible. This is true as much for dealing with your current landlord as it is with a new landlord or seller. If you’re up against a hard move-out date, or a painfully expensive “holdover” clause in your current lease, your options to wait for the ideal space or drive a harder bargain diminish quickly.

 The good news is that with Douglas Commercial, LLC  on your side, the distraction from your day-to-day business can be minimized. We will quickly help you define your needs and begin to filter through only select opportunities you should take time to consider. Of course, the timeline varies depending on your needs – and whether you are leasing or buying. Here are some basic guidelines:

Straight Move: 3-6 months

Serious Build-out: 9-12 months

New Construction: 18-24 months

Buy a Property: 1-3 years

Bottom line – it only helps to start the conversation early. A proactive group like Douglas Commercial will take several key preliminary steps to ensure your move goes smoothly. We will help you plan your space needs, check critical dates and requirements in your current lease,  set a realistic timeline of move activities, and then bring you qualified space options.

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