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Commercial Real Estate In Baltimore And Annapolis

Commercial Real Estate in Baltimore and Annapolis

Douglas Commercial, located in Annapolis and Baltimore region, and its blog “On the Go” trends, covers topic that are all relevant to commercial real estate. We are dedicated to helping find the right fit for the companies and organizations that put their trust in us. We know the commercial real estate world can be a challenge to navigate through, and that’s why we are here to assist our clients in the most effective way possible.


Douglas Commercial conducts most of its business around the BWI corridor, with our main focus being on the Annapolis and Baltimore markets. So why choose Douglas Commercial? The answer is simple, we coordinate the best deals for clients with an open line of communication and hustle. We hustle to make sure that we clearly understand your objectives in order to find, vet, and achieve the best deal possible. It doesn’t matter if this the first time a company is buying, selling, or leasing their home.

What is hustle? It is the ability to make things happen through persistence, energy, and experience. In essence, the Douglas Commercial team is going to work hand over foot to give you the best deal possible. Douglas Commercial is always on the move to make the best deal for you!

Douglas Commercial

The man behind the company: Scott Douglas, the Principal Broker for Douglas Commercial, has lead his team with his local market knowledge and exemplary financial skills for two decades. With his vast knowledge of accounting skills, he has a huge advantage over his competition for your marketing and negotiating acumen. Scott and the team consistently ensures deals stay on track fiscally resulting in a commercial real estate partner that makes the right connections and the right deals happen, swiftly and successfully.

To learn more about Douglas Commercial and how Scott and his team can help you, please call 301-655-8253, or visit

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